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The official minimum age for boys to marry in Indonesia is 19 but a loophole allows for any marriage within a person's 'religious norms', but it is not clear who gave it the thumbs up.The Muslim couple are understood to have formed a nikah siri marriage, recognised by society but not the state.

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After initially showing scepticism towards the relationship the homeowner, who happened to be a community leader named as Kuswoyo, reportedly granted permission.

Both he and her brother gave in to her wishes to wed following the couple's suicide threats.

“These are real problems that I think deserve a solution in way that hasn’t been seen in markets today.

80-90 percent of the [Indonesian] market hasn’t really had access to mobile payments, modern banking, or modern credit, which we think is so important to develop Indonesia’s digital economy,” Grab President Ming Maa told Tech Crunch in an interview earlier this month. Not only is it focused on Indonesia, but it directly enables those without a credit card, bank account or event internet access to buy online.

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