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She said she chose to speak out about harassment because many do not believe it is so widespread, and she wanted people in her circle to know.

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" "We've gone from women not talking about it, to telling stories about it on their own Facebook pages, and some people don't like that," says Emad, adding that despite being insulted and attacked with some hateful messages from strangers, the participation showed that attitudes were slowly changing.Rather than condemn the incident and call for the attacker to be held accountable, Saeed instead suggested that the woman herself was to blame, asking her, “Do you think you were dressed appropriately?” Much to the shock and dismay of viewers, Saeed also showed photos of the woman (allegedly stolen from Tarek’s cellphone by Saeed’s production team), including one of her in a bikini in an attempt to convince the public that the woman had brought trouble on herself because she had been wearing a sleeveless T-shirt.One woman recounted being assaulted by her own grandfather, and another by an emergency doctor who was treating her while she was in critical condition.Several reported being punished by parents and terrorized into silence when they recounted the incidents.

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