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Before the original TV broadcast of Episode 24, a short vignette featuring Dale Cooper summarizing recent episodes uses the episode's airdate (Thursday, March 28, 1990) rather than the in-story date.

The film establishes Laura's murder to be on a Thursday to Friday night.

Although the show contains many inconsistencies, it is commonly agreed that the events take place in February and March 1989.

To kick off the final countdown to the 18-episode third season, written and executive produced by series creators David Lynch and Mark Frost, we've assembled 25 facts about , with Frost explaining, "Long before we moved into the Pacific Northwest, we were playing around with this idea of the plains and a place far away from the world.

But curious fans of the original series and of the mythology that both Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost continued to build around the world of Laura Palmer, Agent Cooper, and the Black Lodge had one primer to go on: Frost’s 2016 novel, fans had no idea who would be playing Preston in the new series until Episode 3, when singer, model, and actress Chrysta Bell showed up to debrief Lynch’s Agent Gordon Cole and Miguel Ferrer’s Agent Albert Rosenfield.

We may not know much about the rest of , but we can count on Agent Preston—who serves as something of an Agent Cooper proxy—to feature prominently for the rest of the season.

On set, Lynch called Mac Lachlan "Kale," and still calls him this nickname. The character of Audrey Horne was written specifically for Sherilyn Fenn by Lynch. "It was the first time I'd ever actually been myself in an interview and tried to just be open.

"He met a certain number of people in my age range, maybe a little younger, and he talks to you for a while," she told The A. But it went great, and they called and said, ‘Yeah, he's writing you this role! The role of waitress Shelly Johnson was also written for Madchen Amick, who revealed she originally auditioned for Donna. Truman's name in the original script was Daniel "Dan" Steadman.7.

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